Debt Management

We offer a full-cycle management solution from purchase valuation to sale of exposures

As well as an established offering of loan disposals for major investment banks and funds, Greenleys also provides a suite of solutions for more complex situations where a single loan sale is not possible or desired. We offer clients a full-cycle management solution from purchase valuation to sale of exposures.

Greenleys provides clients with both fair value and spread expectations for portfolios of performing and non-performing loans. We can provide in-house and third-party valuations to assist institutions in meeting accurate reporting and regulatory standards. The Group has extensive experience in managing loan portfolios and resulting disposals, including advising on structural, legal and regulatory issues. We work with the client to ensure the process is successful within the projected timeframe. Loan portfolios are typically disposed of by a controlled and competitive auction, but Greenleys is also accustomed to working with a limited number of counterparties on a more discreet basis.

We can act as an independent third party to advise the lender on the optimum course of action. The Group also collaborates with existing borrowers to find an amicable solution in order to monetise the loan asset in short order and can assist borrowers in refinancing with a third party.

Greenleys may take over loans to allow for more flexible and lengthy discussions with the borrower. The Group uses both in-house and external expertise to warehouse exposures on behalf of the lender, allowing parties either to enjoy temporary liquidity or ensure disposals are not envisaged as forced sales by the marketplace.

Greenleys can also assist lenders in perfecting the security of pledged assets in typically difficult jurisdictions and advise on the deconsolidation of assets from the lender’s balance sheet.