Greenleys produces award-winning research in-house and distributes the research of our network of top foreign broker dealers via our platform, Greenleys Alpha. We are consistently ranked amongst the top firms by buy-side surveys in the markets we cover.

Our in-house Research team, who are handpicked individuals typically rated as some of the most respected in their field, offer genuinely independent and original analysis on thematic topics from macro situations down to individual corporates. We do not attempt to compete with bulge bracket research producers; rather, we strive to provide clients with thoughtful and deep analysis on markets which lack quality coverage. Our research is completely independent: we only ever trade on behalf of our clients, thereby linking their success to our own.

Greenleys Alpha, our global broker dealer platform, provides clients with direct access to our local broker dealer partners in a wide array of developed, emerging and frontier markets for both equity and fixed income.

Our dedicated team of professionals select the most respected and established brokers to provide research to our clients, enabling them to enjoy the benefits of local knowledge and insight as well as the confidence and security of trading through Greenleys.

Through our research network, we highlight unique investment cases and present them to our clients with appropriate jurisdictional context. This year, the platform has grown significantly as more local research providers have joined, expanding our clients’ regional insight and facilitating wider recognition for our handpicked brokers’ product knowledge amongst investors in developed markets.