Sales & Trading


Active across a broad spectrum of instruments, Greenleys Fixed Income franchise offers advisory and execution services to clients on an impartial and confidential basis. The team averages over 20 years’ experience gained at investment banks, hedge funds and insurance companies. Our business specialises in offering liquidity to clients in sectors or markets where such levels are often difficult to obtain. Examples include supplying US dollar products to Asian clients during their trading day or helping overseas investors navigate the idiosyncrasies of the sterling bond market. Product expertise includes investment grade and high yield, emerging markets debt, asset-backed securities, structured and distressed credit as well as performing and non-performing loans. Since the inception of Greenleys Fixed Income business, we have traded actively across all these asset classes.

Our Flow Fixed Income business focuses on investment-grade, high-yield and emerging market credit instruments. We transact with a wide variety of clients comprising asset managers, insurance companies, hedge funds and private banks. We do not take positions as principal, thereby ensuring we are always aligned with our clients’ interests.

In addition to the Flow business, we have had demonstrable success in illiquid and bilateral structured credit transactions. We engage in very close dialogue with our clients during such transactions to provide maximum transparency from offering through to settlement.

Our trading desk is located in London and New York with additional and significant expertise in Asia, with several members of our team having worked in the region. This geographical diversity enables our clients to access liquidity from a wide variety of sources throughout our network.

Greenleys is a member of the London Stock Exchange. Our equities franchise conducts listed transactions worldwide and is backed by our respected Research team. We offer clients access to equity markets in both developed and emerging markets, via voice brokers or our direct market access (DMA) platform with highly developed and diverse trading algorithms.

Our traders specialise in finding block liquidity when market conditions do not allow for traditional trading.

With the introduction of MiFID II, clients are anxious to ensure full and forward-looking compliance with the new regulation. Transacting through Greenleys affords clients the confidence they are doing so. We provide clients with a solution that encompasses the entire transaction from order generation to post trade analytics.

The team comprises experienced individuals who have specialist expertise in their respective markets. The desk’s operations are streamlined by our substantial and continued investment in technology. The Group is trusted by clients ranging from international investment banks to smaller investment funds to execute their business in a fair, transparent and cost-effective way. We also offer clients post-trade support and a single point of contact for settlement queries.

Greenleys provides currency hedging strategies and liquidity to clients who rely on us to be their trusted partner in foreign exchange markets and apply effective trading techniques on their behalf. Greenleys offering is attractive on price, simplicity and transparency.

We bring together a skilled, multilingual team with the highest levels of commitment and efficiency to meet the international demands of our clients. We take pride in our ability to deliver some of the best local, regional and global currency solutions, regardless of the size or frequency of trades.

The team works hard to understand our clients’ businesses and the broader context of their transactions, tailoring our approach to their needs. Whilst we constantly update and develop new technologies to improve our service, we believe there is no substitute for simply talking to clients and understanding their requirements. Having discussed the client’s needs, the strategies we propose are underpinned by years of foreign exchange experience. We refrain from providing clients with short-term directional advice on currency markets as we do not believe such predictions can be made with any confidence, instead advising clients on catalysts for movement, volatility and liquidity. Unlike other foreign exchange providers, we strongly believe that a simple solution is usually far superior to complex derivative-based transactions where inherent risks can be misjudged or even overlooked.

Greenleys offers a broad range of foreign exchange transactions to encompass our clients’ needs including all major and most emerging market currencies. We offer spot, forward and non-deliverable forward markets along with competitive credit and margin lines, allowing our clients to capitalise on favourable currency movements and to navigate through volatile and uncertain market conditions.